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Remedial Works

Remedial Works

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment, it is likely that some corrective or improvement works are identified to bring your water system up to compliance.

Backflow Prevention

Water regulations state that every fitting through which water is sup-plied for domestic purposes should be installed in such a manner that no backflow can take place. We fit double check valves which are devices consisting of two valves which permit water flow only in one direction.

Re-orientate Expansion Vessels

They need to be orientated vertically with the drain point at the bot-tom. This allows water to drain out and not sit and become stagnant.

Dead Leg Removal

These are lengths of unused pipe work as small as 15mm which have little to no water flow, for this reason water becomes stagnant creating a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. They need to be cut back as far as possible.

Pipe Work and Cold Water Storage Tank Insulation

Carried out to minimise heat loss/gain. Loss of heat through lack of insulation and heat gain of tanks and pipe work through exposure to high temperatures and/or proximity to hot water pipes.

Re-routing Open Calorifier Vents

Vents should terminate at a drain point/tundish and not over a cold water storage tank, the water stored needs to stay below 20 degrees, this could lead to an increase in temperature into the Legionella bacteria proliferation range and in rare cases could lead to scalding.

What our clients have to say

"We have been using Clarion Water Services for some time now as a sub-contractor and the work they put in is second to non."