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Water Tank Cleaning Service

Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Here at Clarion Water Services we provide a full water tank cleaning and disinfection service. This includes:

  • Tank Cleans and mains water disinfections including cisten chlorination
  • Isolation of the cold water storage tank and any pump sets
  • Fully drain the tank and undertake a physical clean to impeccable aesthetic standards
  • Chemical cleaning using silver based hydrogen peroxide - the use of this chemical halves the volume of water needed to be 'dumped' than using conventional methods
  • Use of alternative chemicals such as chlorine and bio/oil dispersants where applicable
  • Where required, full system disinfection including all assets and pipe work, measuring chemical levels at every outlet to ensure successful disinfection
  • Tests can be carried out for TVC, e-coli, coliform and Legionella by a UKAS accredited laboratory.
  • Issue of disinfection certificate and sample results for your log book
  • If your building has been standing for a long period of time or you have installed new pipework you may be required to disinfect the pipework. This involves having chemical injecting into the mains water services and pull through to all outlets. Chemical contact time within the pipe work will be 1 hour and then thoroughly flush out with raw mains water.

In order to minimise the risk from Legionella and other forms of bacteria, cleaning your water tank regularly is very important. If necessary, that is to say if contamination is found, the water tanks will need to be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to remove the potential danger. 

Here at Clarion Water Services we have a team of fully trained operatives who can carry out a full deep clean and disinfection of any contaminated water tanks. We will ensure that your water tanks are free from any possible contamination from Legionella or biofilms (known to harbour Legionella).

At Clarion Water Services we only use the very latest cleaning techniques and modern disinfection chemicals to ensure that your water tank is thoroughly clean and bacteria free.

For more information about our tank cleaning and disinfection services you can call us on 01943 513 219 or you can reach us by email on

What our clients have to say

"With over 10 years hygiene & Legionella prevention experience, the team are able to provide an efficient and safe service for a wide variety of Legionella related situations."