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Water Tank Refurbishments and Replacements

Water Tank Refurbishments and Replacements

Tank Refurbishments are a cost effective way to repair your tank from leaks, corrosion and bacterial growth. If it is not feasible to repair your tank, a replacement maybe necessary. If you think that your tank is coming to the end of its life call for a free survey and a full written report.

A leaky or corroded water tank is not only a nuisance but could also be a very serious health hazard. The Legionella bacteria, which is the cause of the deadly Legionnaires' Disease, is known to thrive in environments where contaminants are present in the water supply. 

Here at Clarion Water Services we can survey your water tanks and we can repair or refurbish tanks which are showing signs of degradation. Different processes can be used for different types of tank. For example, galvanised steel tanks which are often used to store water in loft spaces can rust and corrode over time. This type of tank can often be re-coated to effect a reseal. Other types of water tank can be relined to ensure that they are clean and free from contaminants. Indeed, due to Health and Safety regulations water tanks now have to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is a service which we at Clarion Water Services can provide. The process of cleaning can often cause the lids to become brittle or damaged so Clarion can provide replacement lids to ensure that your water supply is kept clean and free from potential contamination.

Clarion can survey your water tanks and advise you as to whether your water tanks are compliant with the current UK water regulations. Indeed, employers and landlords are now legally required to identify potential risk areas and must put measures in place to control any risk factors with regard to legionella.

Should your water tanks be beyond repair Clarion Water Services can also supply and install the very latest in new water tank technology. Our operatives can install new water tanks with the minimum of disruption to your business or setting.

Don't leave the safety of your water supply to chance - contact Clarion Water Services and put yourself in the hands of the professionals.

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