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water sampling service include water quality surveys & Legionella Monitoring

Water Sampling & Quality Survey Service

Microbiological / Water Sampling

Water sampling and testing is vital, especially in medical settings, as any water contamination can cause serious health issues.

In a medical setting it is inevitable that many of the people who visit will fall into the category of those who are most likely to be seriously affected by any contamination caused by Legionella or other bacterium.

Clarion Water Services offer a full service to ensure that your setting has a risk free water system which includes water sampling and quality surveying.

Clarion Water Services can arrange for all water samples to be tested in accredited laboratories. These laboratories will then conduct a full microbiological analysis as well as microbiological water testing for any unwelcome chemicals. Clarion Water Services offer an easy and inexpensive screening system for Legionella, pseudomonas and other life-threatening bacterium as part of our water quality survey service. In the event that your setting receives a positive result, showing the presence of bacteria, we can offer comprehensive advice and guidance on its elimination.

Here at Clarion Water Services we are experts in the identification and elimination of Legionella and other bacterium from all types of water systems. Water sampling is therefore, an essential part of this process so we carry out a quality survey and then decide on the action required to disinfect your water tank.

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What our clients have to say

"With over 10 years hygiene & Legionella prevention experience, the team are able to provide an efficient and safe service for a wide variety of Legionella related situations."