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TMV Maintenance, Servicing and Testing

TMV Servicing and Testing

Thermostatic Mixing Valves(TMVs) accurately control water temperatures for bathing, showering, hand-washing and bidets for the risk of scolding as all distribution units should be over 60 degrees (65 for the NHS) at all times.

They are designed to maintain the desired water temperature, even when the incoming water pressures/flow rates change. By contrast, a mechanical mixing valve cannot adjust to changes in supply temperature, pressure or flow rate.

Often, hot water systems use very high temperatures to prevent bacterium such as legionella from proliferating. These systems should have correctly functioning TMVs installed to minimise the risks of scalding in baths or showers etc. 

TMVs require servicing every 12 months and a fail safe test on each unit.

Clarion Water Services offer a full TMV servicing, maintenance and testing service. As part of the service, we will ensure your TMVs are working to the correct specifications and we will recalibrate any TMV which is not working correctly. Therefore, ensuring your hot water can be used safely

You can trust Clarion Water Services to ensure the safety of your hot water systems thanks to our TMV servicing, testing and maintenance program.

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